Crime en hausse dans le Montgomery County: Gaithersburg, Silver Spring et Germantown particulièrement vulnérables…

Les villes de Gaithersburg, Silver Spring et Germantown particulièrement vulnérables: District 6 in Gaithersburg, which includes Montgomery Village, Lake Forest Mall and Cider Mill, is described as the district « most affected by gang activity. » Police identified MS-13, Hittsquad and L3 gangs as being responsible for robberies and assaults in that area.
Other police districts of « greatest concern » for gang activity include areas of District 3 in Silver Spring including around Piney Branch Road and University Boulevard and also in Wheaton, where MS-13 has a large presence. The gang One Way Hustle is known for assaults in District 5 in Germantown, according to police. SUITE

Si vous voulez vous installer dans la région de DC, dans le Maryland, je recommande Bethesda bien sûr mais aussi Chevy Chase, Rockville et Potomac. Utilisez l’app ou Redfin. En terme de rapport qualité/prix, pour une famile avec enfants, j’adore Potomac Woods. C’est beau, discret et moins pompeux que Bethesda:)


Festival culinaire (gratuit) à ne pas manquer ce mois-ci à Bethesda (MD): Taste of Bethesda

Ce samedi 7 octobre 2017 de 11 heures à 16h à Bethesda.

The Taste of Bethesda food and music festival takes place inbethesda Woodmont Triangle along Norfolk, St. Elmo, Cordell, Del Ray & Auburn Avenues

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French moms aren’t superior parents—they just have it easier

(…) Before latching onto the next do-it-like-the-French checklist, we should acknowledge the following:

  • French women get paid to have babies. Unlike in the US, new mothers don’t have to take unpaid disability leave to have their kids. They get 16 full weeks of paid leave for the first and second child, and 26 for the third. They also get a government allowance for having kids based on their income, including supplements if they want to go part-time or hire a nanny.
  • French women get affordable and available childcare. Women can take their babies to a crèche, or high-quality day care center, from about six weeks of age (granted, there are often waiting lists), which helps mothers to go back to work. Families pay on a sliding scale based on income and the centers are highly regulated with national standards. And, perhaps most importantly, the staff are well-paid and have very low turnover, unlike in the US, where child care is treated like the wild wild west.
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Website Lists Bethesda as Third Most Expensive City for D.C.-area Renters

Median monthly rents for one-bedroom apartments topped $2,000 in July, data showed

A website for apartment hunters has ranked Bethesda as the D.C. region’s third most expensive city for rental housing.

Median monthly rent for a one-bedroom unit in Bethesda stands at $2,040, according to the data compiled by Zumper. Leading the list was Arlington, Virginia, where the median rent for such apartments was $2,350. Washington, D.C., came in second place with a median rent of $2,150. Lire la suite

Potomac, Bethesda ou Chevy Chase?

Que pensent vraiment les Américains de ces trois villes du Maryland?

Qui dit Potomac, dit nouveaux riches. Vous connaissez Real Housewives of Potomac? Verdict: Potomac = nouveaux riches et ce qui vient avec, grosses voitures, grosses maisons, tout doit être flashy!  En pensant à Bethesda, Lire la suite

Bethesda, ville préférée des expatriés français à Washington DC. Pourquoi ?

Si vous êtes un parent avec enfants et voulez vivre à Washington DC, l’une des premières questions qui vous viendra automatiquement à l’esprit est la suivante : dans quelle école puis-je inscrire mes enfants. Si vos enfants sont encore très jeunes, ils se débrouilleront très vite dans le système américain. Dans le cas contraire, vous allez rapidement chercher l’école où l’on parle le français et dans la région de DC, nous avons le lycée français, communément appelé le lycée Rochambeau. Lire la suite