Sur la ville de Chevy Chase (MD), la ville qui a tout sauf la diversité…

En venant de DC, Chevy Chase est la ville juste à la sortie de DC. La ville vient juste avant Bethesda. Chevy Chase (Chevy Chase Village, Chevy Chase Town et Chevy Chase Section Five) est une ville pour super-riches. Ici, le revenue moyen est au-dessus de $250,000. Voici des extraits d’un article du The Guardian que je viens de lire sur le net.

Access to the well-regarded schools is why the lobbyists, politicians and journalists who make a living in Washington decide to live just across the border. Choice schools include Chevy Chase elementary and Somerset elementary, and Walt Whitman high school, which is ranked the best in Maryland and the 55th best in the country.

Bethesda Magazine describes Chevy Chase as: “An affluent enclave of pricey homes, well-tended lawns and hushed streets, as well as top-notch schools – although many families choose private schools.” The Danns’ 16-year-old son goes to a boarding school in Pennsylvania.

Then there’s the shopping. Just outside the border of Chevy Chase Village, which bans commercial enterprise, Jimmy Choo, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Bulgari stores sit alongside each other on Wisconsin Avenue by the DC Metro station at Friendship Heights.

But, there are drawbacks. The Danns, and other residents, mention a lack of diversity. Melissa says she doesn’t think there is anyone living in the village who isn’t white. Tom says there must be at least a handful as the village is a popular home for visiting diplomats and their families.

The Census shows that of the 1,953 residents recorded in 2010, 1,873 (95.9%) were white. The biggest minority was Asian, which totals 31 or 1.6%, followed by Black or African American: 11 or 0.6%. Suite



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