LU SUR LE NET – Do you know how your childcare center is doing? Why it’s hard to find out

LELAND, Miss. — When new mom Elizabeth Harris needed to find childcare, she turned to other parents in this small Delta town. She and her husband narrowed down their options to one of two childcare centers they heard were “higher quality” than others.
Harris said she didn’t know what that meant at the time and had no information besides recommendations from friends. Harris believes her now 1-year-old son “is loved” at the center she and her husband selected, and to which they pay $600 a month for childcare, but worries that certain aspects are missing as the little boy grows, including a bigger focus on healthy eating and literacy.
“I want there to be more education in his day care experience,” Harris said. “How do we learn words and increase vocabulary? He’s at the stage, at 1, where that’s happening really fast.” Suite


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